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Enchanted Green Loose Leaf Tea

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If this isn’t’ the best Tea you’ve ever tasted we’ll give you your money back!


Our hand selected assortment of loose-leaf teas is designed for tea lovers. Each tea is remarkable in its own way. We've curated a small menu of exquisite teas that will delight you. We've intentionally kept our menu of teas very small to ensure that you always receive the freshest, most aromatic teas available. So, if you love the flavor of a traditional English Breakfast or Chamomile, we have the tea for you. Or if you're a little more adventurous, our Black Mango or Berry Garden will quickly become your new favorite tea.


The name says it all.  If you're a green tea drinker, this blend will enchant you.


This blend of mellow Sencha and spicy, green mate is a true delight. Richly decorated, it captivates not only with its striking look, but also as it develops a new and aromatic taste. With a  tempting aroma, refined with a little sweetness,  This blend a much sought-after specialty.


An exceptional creation which proves that tea always has something new to offer.


Each bag brews 40+ cups of tea.


 2-3 minutes  176-194° F  1 level tsp./6 oz. serving

Brew 2-3 minutes using 176–194°F water

1 heaped tsp./6 oz. serving

For Iced Tea use twice as much tea but the same amount of water.

Pour over ice and enjoy!

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