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Tonino Lamborghini Black Blend Whole Bean Coffee
Tonino Lamborghini Black Blend Whole Bean Coffee
Tonino Lamborghini Black Blend Whole Bean Coffee
Tonino Lamborghini Black Blend Whole Bean Coffee
Tonino Lamborghini Black Blend Whole Bean Coffee
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Our slow roasted premium Italian coffee,crafted from a blend of the finest beans, handpicked in the premier growing regions of Central America.  Roasted to perfection by blending cutting edge technology with over a century of italian artisinal knowledge.  This passion and attention to detail, gives you an unsurpassed quality in every cup that captures the spirit and legacy that is Lamborghini.

It truly is Italy in a cup!

If this isn’t’ the best coffee you’ve ever tasted we’ll give you your money back!


Tonino Lamborghini Black is a blend of Alta Mogina Arabica and high quality Robusta that creates a full-bodied blend with just a hint of acidity.  You'll taste hints of cocoa and toasted bread.

Tonino Lamborghini's drive to spread the philosophy and joy of true Italian coffee comes together in this remarkable blend of whole bean coffee.

Comes packaged in a 1 kilo bag.

The blend is ideal for any method of preparation.  

Grind it fine for the perfect espresso or to use in a Moka Pot.  We recomend 14 grams for a double shot of espresso.

Grind it a little more course for a wonderful pot of drip coffee.  We recomend 2.25 ounces for a 12 cup pot.

Grind it a little courser to make a remarkable French Press coffee.

Grind it even courser for Cold Brew.

Start with a medium/course grind for Pour Over.  You'll then want to adjust from there to the specific Pour Over you have.

Grind it fine like you would for an espresso, add sugar and you have the foundation for a tremendous Cuban Coffee.

Grind it even finer for Turkish Coffee.

Ground just a little courser than you would for drip and you can use this in a reusable K-Cup for your Kurig brewer.

It is such a well developed blend, you can use it to prepare the perfect cup of coffee that you deserve.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marilyn Toveg
Great taste

Compared to most companies, this coffee is more superior, bold but not bitter.

James Burns
Crazy Good

I drink and deal with a lot of coffee worldwide. This is some of the best tasting espresso I've had. I was skeptical at first but after using it in our espresso machine I'm hooked and knocking out doubles and triples daily. I hope they keep a large supply of it around and that each bag is as good as the last.

James we’re excited to be your new favorite coffee. Welcome to our growing family of coffee lovers. Be sure to tell a friend!

Vicki DeSimone
Robust yet smooth coffee

Lamborghini is the new favorite coffee in our home. While it has a strong, robust flavor; it is amazingly smooth. When I opened our first bag, the aroma transported me to a wonderful Italian bakery/deli. We have tried many Italian coffee beans over the years, imported and domestic, commercial and small roasters, and this is our new favorite. Now I just need to order the beautiful cups!

Hey Vicki, I’m delighted that you are a Tonino Lamborghini Coffee lover. Welcome to the family. Please tell a friend. The cups will make a great addition to your at home coffee experience. Which would look better in your kitchen? The white cups or the black cups?

Walter Anderson
Not disappointed!

Got the whole bean and have had it as Drip brew and Cold brew!. Loved it both times. Glad I got a 2 pound bag!

Walter, glad to have you as a fan of our Tonino Lamborghini coffee! Welcome to the family.

Gerald Angeli
Just as the ad said it would be

Ground some beans as soon as I received them; made a cappuccino. Best I’ve tasted in a long, long time. Great taste, smooth, full-bodied -as great as the ad stated.

Gerald, we're glad that you are enjoying the coffee and that we lived up to your expectations. Welcome to the family!

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