Why doesn’t my coffee taste good?

Depending on how you like to drink your coffee there could be a few reasons.  Let’s start at the beginning with the grind size of your coffee.  The size of the grind impacts the contact time the coffee has with the water.  If your coffee is to fine, it will slow down the extraction and make your coffee bitter.  If the coffee is ground to course, it will shorten the extraction time and make your coffee more acidic.

It could be that the water your using isn’t hot enough.  You want to have the temperature of the water between 195 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you are making an espresso you may have over tamped or under tamped the grounds.  This will also impact the contact time and the flavor of your coffee.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re buying lousy coffee.  There is a lot of really bad coffee sold. 

Do you ship to Canada?

Sorry, but we don’t currently ship outside of the States. 

I used to be able to find Tonino Lamborghini coffee is my local store but not anymore.  Why is that?

Grocery stores are constantly changing what they offer and sometimes they ask for slotting allowances and marketing support.  If we gave them these types of marketing dollars we would have to charge them more for the coffee.  That cost would be passed onto you and our coffee would become to expensive in the store.  But good news.  You found us, and you can always order your coffee directly from us.

Where are your coffees from?

Great question.  We’ll answer that two ways.  First, all of our coffee is roasted and packaged in Italy.  Like my grandmother used to tell me “If you always buy the best, you’ll never be disappointed”.  But the beans themselves come from different growing regions around the world.  The beans are roasted and blended to create the flavor profile that you love.  We roast and blend to that flavor profile which means that our recipe and by definition where the beans come from will change over time.

Why does or can the growing region of the beans change?

Coffee is a fruit and like all fruits the flavor is impacted by the weather.  For example, some years a particular part of say Costa Rica has great weather and they produce phenomenal coffee.  But the next year they might have a drought that stresses the coffee pants.  This will impact the quality of the coffee and the flavor in the cup.  When that happens we need to source our beans from other areas to achieve the balance and richness in the cup.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can always email us at drinkitalian.us@gmail.com