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Best Coffee Brands
Best Coffee Brands
Tonino Lamborghini Pre-Ground Filter Coffee
Tonino Lamborghini Pre-Ground Filter Coffee
Tonino Lamborghini Pre-Ground Filter Coffee
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Our slow roasted premium Italian coffee,crafted from a blend of the finest beans, handpicked in the premier growing regions of Central America.  Roasted to perfection by blending cutting edge technology with over a century of italian artisinal knowledge.  This passion and attention to detail, gives you an unsurpassed quality in every cup that captures the spirit and legacy that is Lamborghini.

It truly is Italy in a cup!

If this isn’t’ the best coffee you’ve ever tasted we’ll give you your money back!


Are you a coffee lover, looking for that great way to start your day?  Or a great coffee to serve to friends at dinner, but don't own a grinder.   Then this pre-ground Tonino Lamborghini is just what you're looking for. 


Packed in a 6.77-ounce (192 gram) bag.


A blend of carefully selected Central American and Brazilian Arabica, roasted to perfection gives this blend a pleasant hint of toasted almonds with just a hint of sweetness.


Roast and ground to make the perfect cup of drip coffee. 

Pre-ground filter coffee from Tonino Lamborghini will make you the ideal pot of coffee that you deserve.

You’ll notice that our coffee is ground a little finer than most other coffees you’ve drank in the past. Which is why we recommend using less of our coffee to get that remarkable flavor.

We recommend 2.25 ounces of pre-ground coffee for a standard 12 cup pot.

Be sure that the coffee is distributed evenly throughout the filter basket and be sure to clean the spray head of your coffee machine. This will help to ensure you get an even distribution of water over the coffee and will improve the extraction of flavor from the coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Loved this coffee so much I started using it in our office

I bought this coffee for home and loved it so much I decided to serve it in my office. Not only does my team love it but it's one of the best and least expensive employee benefits that we offer.

We're so excited you found your favorite coffee.

Really good coffee

I normally drink locally roasted but your name got my attention and I had to try it. I figured for $10.99 what did I have to lose. And I was pleasantly surprised how good this was. Looks like I might have to give up on my locally roasted and start Drinking Italian.

Makes a great cup of coffee

At first I was put off by the name but decided to give it a try. I was delighted by how rich and smooth this coffee tasted.

Superb Coffee

I bought the red blend coffee and was extremely pleased with the beans and flavor! I think I just found my new go-to coffee!
Thanks Espresso Soci for the quick delivery!


We are so excited that you enjoyed the coffee. We look forward to being your go to coffee!

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